Chiberia and Our Bulldog: No Walk in the Park

When we first heard that the temps today in Chicago, now known as Chiberia, were going to be negative 15 or so, with the windchill hovering around 30 or 40 below, my first thought was: what were we going to do with Kafka the bulldog? How was he going to handle the cold when we went outside?

My first instinct was, if he has a potty accident inside our apartment, so be it. But he’s been so well trained for so long now that Kafka didn’t see that as an option. Still, heading outside wasn’t a walk in the park, literally and figuratively.

The first outing, around 8 this morning, was so fast that I don’t think Kafka had time to think about it. But his lungs did. As soon as he walked in, he started wheezing, so much so that he coughed up his breakfast. (Thankfully, he had plenty of appetite to have another one). You'd think this would be lesson enough to stay inside... but then he started begging to go out around 10, causing us to beg and plead with him. So, yep, we tried to reason with him, a dog, telling him that he could hold it longer, much, much longer. And then he barked for an hour.

After I ask you to subscribe to my blog, the slideshow below shows what happened next…

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