Kicking the Dog Out of Our Bed: Our Latest Goal

Kicking the Dog Out of Our Bed: Our Latest Goal
The only thing Kafka likes better than snuggles is my baby bump pillow.

First things first, I apologize for the hiatus. Between the holidays and the weather, I’ve been hunkering down, and Kafka hasn’t had nearly as much time outside as he’d like. (Hence a lot of running up and down our house, and begging to play with his light saber). Anyways, I digress. There’s something that’s been a long time coming in our household, and Kafka the bulldog finally forced our hand.

The dog has been stealing my baby bump pillow, and it made me realize: we should really start kicking the dog out of our bed…  I don’t know if it’s because it’s a magnet pillow (it’s supposed to help blood flow) or that it’s situated smack dab in between me and my hubby, but he loves sprawling across the. whole. pillow.

He had been so good for so long about staying at the end of the bed, but in the past couple of weeks, that seems to have changed. There was even a couple nights where he climbed to the top of the bed, stuck his head under the comforter, and snuggled under the blankets. While it was darn cute (and boy did he keep me warm), it seemed like it was all in pursuit of the darn pillow.

That said, I need my pillow. My bump is growing, sometimes by the minute by the looks (and feel) of it. And I’m waking up in all sorts of uncomfortable positions, mainly due to Kafka still hanging out in bed with us, whether he’s on the pillow or trying to sleep in the crook of my knees.

We did start to remedy this. We brought his travel kennel into the room, since our bedroom stays the warmest in the house, and filled it with a cozy blanket and another magnet pillow. He had no problems snuggling into the blanket in his kennel, and he’s only had one night where he seemed to bark incessantly, as if asking to be let out.

But then the freezing temps descended on Chicago. Our thermostat struggled to stay at 61 degrees or above at night. So, I thought to myself, and my hubby agreed: it can’t hurt to let him stay a few more nights in bed with us. After all — and this was always our reason for letting him into our bed — he’s so stinking warm, because he loves to cuddle at night.

I know what the problem is. It’s not him. He’s totally fine in his kennel. The problem is us. We love his cuddles at night, and it’s making it hard to keep kicking the dog out of our bed. But we must get him out of our bed soon. We’ve got 3ish months to go before baby girl arrives, and by that point, he — and us — need to be used to his absence from the bed.

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