Theo and Beau Photos: What I Want for My Dog and Baby Girl

Theo and Beau Photos: What I Want for My Dog and Baby Girl
Theo and Beau have captured the hearts of millions with their naptime photos. Source: Momma's Gone City on Instagram

If you haven't heard of Theo and Beau (a puppy and a 23-month-old boy) recently, then you're missing out on a ton of heartwarming photos. Momma Jessica Shyba started posting photos of her adorable son napping with her adorable puppy, and the results... well, you'll be squealing from all the cuteness! Just check out her Instagram, and no further explanation is needed.

So after my husband and I stopped oohing and awwing at all these picture-perfect moments between a boy and his dog, I couldn't help but think... now this is what I want for Kafka the bulldog and our baby girl.


Source: Momma's Gone City Instagram

I'm honestly more nervous about Kafka's acceptance of her arrival than I am anything, even the labor and birth. Our whole world is changing come March 2014, and that means Kafka has some huge adjustments to make. That's why we're working so hard on getting him ready.

Just this past weekend, we put together our City Mini stroller and rolled it through the house. Kafka promptly jumped on it and tried to bite the wheels. Not cool, dude, I told him, because, you know, I do talk to him on a regular basis. But seriously, it just served as another reminder of something we need him to get used to well before baby girl arrives.

At the same time though, I focus on the positive things, because Kafka the bulldog really has brought us so much happiness into our life. He's constantly entertaining us with how he plays with his favorite toy, a light saber. He's proven time and time again how he loves all people, and that includes the homeless lady who talks to him over on Lincoln Ave. He loves to snuggle next to us, and lately, he's become friends with my baby bump. And his protective instinct has definitely kicked in as of late. He was never much of a barker or growler, but lately he's being doing more of both. I just know he's going to be protective of her too.

And when baby girl's old enough, I sure hope he wants to cuddle with her, just like he cuddles with us, and just like Theo and Beau cuddle with each other. Because those cuddles aren't just cute; it shows the pup's love for his best friend, and there's nothing I want more than that for Kafka and baby girl.

For more cute naptime photos, be sure to follow Jessica Shyba on Instagram.

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