Life Changes, a Baby Shower, and Kafka the Bulldog has an Announcement

Things are starting to feel pretty real, in part because of the fabulous baby shower my in-laws threw me and my sister-in-law this past weekend. But I'm not sure if it's getting more real for Kafka quite yet. We've definitely become more strict as of late with rules, like he must sit and stay while we open doors to go in and outside for walks. Then there's the things I once found cute -- like him running to the curb to poop -- that are now being altered too (we don't let him pull us off the sidewalk anymore). But I find myself wondering: will this really help when baby comes?

There's no way I can answer that.

I know Kafka gets something is going on. He's felt the baby move, or kick, or the heart beat. And this past weekend, when my husband came by with the car to load up the baby shower presents Kafka was waiting in the back seat. As the trunk became stuffed to the brim, Kafka put his paws on the back seat and "stood" up to give everything a good sniff. Once we unloaded the car back in Chicago too, he inspected just about everything -- something I welcomed, he does need to get used to everything after all. But then he tried to steal a diaper from the diaper cake, and I thought to myself: yep, something else we need to work on. (Then again, will baby's poop in a diaper make it more or less attractive?)

These are the things I think about on a near daily basis. Life is clearly already changing.

That said, Kafka (and I) have an announcement to make... another reason why things are starting to feel real.

We're having a girl!

We're having a girl! Kafka's going to have a little sister!

One thing that hasn't changed through all this? I really really really hope he'll be an amazing big "bro."

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