A Bulldog and His Toy Light Saber: A Healthy Activity, or Not?

A Bulldog and His Toy Light Saber: A Healthy Activity, or Not?
Kafka the bulldog patiently waits to play with his toy light saber... not two seconds later, he's flying through the air.

If you ever wanted to see Kafka the bulldog go absolutely nuts, just ask him, "Do you want to play with your light saber?" Seriously. He'll bolt from our kitchen down into our den and stare longingly up at the top of a bookcase, waiting to play. Once my hubby or I take the light saber toy down, he jumps, he spins, he runs. He'll do ANYTHING to try to catch that light saber, and it's absolutely hysterical to watch, so check out this old video here and here (and please excuse the mess; this is from our old, much smaller, apartment).

But lately I've been wondering if this is the healthiest of activities, and not just because he springs up onto the couch and puts all sorts of pressure on his small hips.

On the one hand, he clearly loves every second of "try to catch the light saber." He's even taken to walking into the den while we're watching TV and staring up at the toy then looking at us, as if trying to clue us in. Best of all, the chase wears him out, especially on chilly Winter Chicago days when it's hard to get a full walk in.

But, on the other hand, he gets so overly excited about this silly toy. And if I'm trying to teach him anything, especially when it comes to preparing him for baby, it's how not to get overly excited.

Kafka the bulldog takes a rest after playing with the light saber.

Kafka the bulldog takes a rest after playing with the light saber.

I'm currently trying to find a happy medium, in part because it's the one toy he never seems to tire of (I hope I didn't just jinx things). Plus, it really can be an opportunity to teach him. So lately I'll start the light saber escapade by making him sit (and never, ever responding if he's barking or whining at the toy). Then he can go as crazy as he wants, kind of. I tell him "up" when he can go onto the couch and "down" when I want him off. I command a "sit" in the middle of his craziness. He's even getting better at "leave it," even when I swing it over his face. Now this really seems like it could be useful, and not because, as me and my hubby have joked, we could use the light saber to do agility training with him.

Then again, in between he's still flying all over the place, pirouetting and jumping higher than any bulldog should ever be able to jump. (Seriously, last night I swear he caught enough air that he ended six feet high. Or there was this moment that my hubby captured on camera, even if it is a bit blurry).

So, yeah, Kafka loves his toy light saber, but as long as I can channel his excitement, I'm a-okay with it.

Do your dogs go crazy over certain toys? If so, what are they?

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