One Reason I Love Dogs: Kafka’s Obsession With Fallen Leaves

The tree leaves are falling and accumulating in Lincoln Square, and it’s been long enough now that Kafka knows exactly what I mean when I say, “Want to play in the leaves?” He bounds into the leaf pile and stares at my feet, waiting for me to kick the red, yellow, and orange leaves into the air for him to catch. Even when I don’t ask if he wants to play, if he sees a leaf pile, he will bound into it like it’s his job, like it’s something he needs to do.

Kafka waits (impatiently) for me to kick the leaves.

Kafka waits (impatiently) for me to kick the leaves.

This is just one — of the many — reason I love dogs. They find such pleasure in things we take for granted. Sure, he may have a box of toys back at home that he rarely plays with. But leaves? The things that fall from the trees one season of every year? They’re free, and they’re fun, and they crunch, and they fly through the air! And well, I guess it also means its a chance to play with me, and he'll play with me every chance he can.

When Kafka dives into a pile of leaves, he has the grace of a ballerina. But when he tries to catch them in his mouth, and then promptly spit them out, he makes the sound of a pig. That’s my pooch: a pig ballerina.

But really, it’s hilarious watching him chase the leaves, even when he pulls his leash taunt. (Fortunately for me and baby, I’m at the ready for this). It also reminds me, each and every time, to literally stop, enjoy the moment, and watch Kafka have a blast. It's Kafka's version of stopping to smell the roses. Except he smells the leaves... and then tries to eat them.

Of course, the fun and games ends when Kafka pees on the leaves. Then I’m not kicking them anywhere.

What do your dogs do that remind you to stop and enjoy the moment?

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