PSA: My English Bulldog is Not a Bully

This is a public service announcement (PSA) to the lady who crossed the street after taking one look at Kafka, who, mind you, was just standing in the grass sniffing where he’d just peed. This also goes for the mother who pushed her kids across the street — jay-walking — after seeing Kafka staring her way.

I get that Kafka the bulldog might look intimidating, what with that enormous underbite and two bottom fangs constantly sticking out (unless his lip gets caught on one, which makes him look like he’s got a puffy cheek).

Kafka just wants to say hello.

Kafka just wants to say hello.

But please, let's look beyond his rough exterior. And if you do, you just might discover how much he loves people. He thinks humans, in fact, are the best thing ever. (Unfortunately I can’t say the same about his “affection” for most of his fellow canines). But people? If someone so much as “awws” in his direction (even if they’re “awwing” about a baby or child), his little butt starts wagging furiously. And if you let him greet you? He’ll lean into your legs like he’s a cat, because he just wants to be up and close personal.

Okay, I get it, not everyone likes dogs or attention from dogs. But Kafka? Even when he jumps (which we’re working on), it’s because he’s excited and wants to play. He might be a bully breed, but that doesn’t make him a bully, so please stop crossing the street and acting like he's some vicious dog.

In other words, if you don’t ask to meet him? I won’t let him approach you, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Because, I’ll be real here in this PSA. Kafka the bulldog can be a bit overwhelming with his staggering amount of energy that many wouldn’t think possible for a bulldog. (Yet another reason we think he’s part boxer). His “witching hour” — which only seems to happen at home and not on his walks — can be frustrating and, yeah, even a bit intimidating. But when it comes to strangers he meets outside, all Kafka wants is love.

I’ll get if you don’t want to say hello. But please, I ask again, stop crossing the street when you see him.

He’s the dog that made me the dog person I am. He’s the sweetest, cutest dog, once you realize that he’d never use those fangs/teeth to hurt a soul. He loves to cuddle when he’s tired, and he loves to lick when he thinks you taste good. He particularly loves kids just for that reason (he thinks they always have food on their hands).

So give him a chance, and if you see him around the neighborhood? Feel free to stop by and meet my sweet little (but not really so little) bulldog Kafka. He’ll definitely give you a few butt wags and smiles, I promise.

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