Kafka the Bulldog Encounters My Growing Baby Bump

For the past few months, Kafka has avoided any cuddles with me and my growing baby bump. Considering he’s been a part of our family for more than two years now, it was a hard adjustment for me, especially seeing how he’d climb the stairs up to our couch — yes, he has stairs — take one look at me, and then curl up on the farthest couch cushion possible.

Fortunately, ever since I got back from a work trip to Provence last week, Kafka has seemingly changed his attitude to what he must see as the new “puppy” growing inside me, at least at bed time. In other words, he’s finally started laying next to me again. (We’ve been teaching him to sleep near our feet in bed — in our slow but sure process of kicking him out bed — but I missed my cuddles, so I've been letting him wiggle his way between us at night, at least for now. Plus, he’s great at keeping me warm during the freezing cold nights.) Then yesterday morning, I woke and he was pressed against by bump. It was, simply put, uncomfortable. And I thought to myself, I can't let him sleep like this for much longer…

Baby Bump and Kafka

After a rude awakening in the morning, Kafka is becoming protective of my baby bump, and, in turn, the baby.

Plus, as my husband pointed out, he might not want to soon enough, because baby will make itself known. I had only just recently started feeling light flutters, or more like a wind-up toy essentially stuck in my belly, almost every time I ate. And I was already curious too: how would Kafka react to a little push from baby?

Well I didn’t have to wait long. That same Sunday morning, as if on cue, Kafka jumped up, turned around, and stared at my belly. He then reached one paw out and tentatively touched my bump, I kid you not. I felt nothing but Kafka's paw during this exchange, so both my hubby and me didn’t know if this was some fluke. Then again, dogs are extra sensitive, and who knows what Kafka experienced. Maybe he heard a little flutter or an extra heartbeat? Or he was poked a bit, even if I didn’t feel it?

No matter what, he changed his positioning against my belly. Rather than press against it again, he protectively wrapped himself around me to rest his head on my hip. I couldn’t have been happier.

But I could be more entertained. Later on Sunday, I sat on the couch watching TV when Kafka again wound himself around me. Like he had that morning, Kafka put his head on my baby bump. He started snoring away, as he always does, when he suddenly jumped up and stared at my belly… again. So it seems Kafka the bulldog and little baby Hall are already establishing some sort of relationship, even if it, perhaps, involves the baby kicking Kafka in the head.

How have your pets reacted to your baby bumps during pregnancy?

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