Dog Name: What People Hear When I Introduce Kafka

I admit, Kafka is an unusual name for an English bulldog, or really any dog for that matter. But do I get a kick out of people remembering him, not just for his dashing good looks — complete with a huge underbite — but also for his unique name? You bet I do.

Even so, the dog name people hear when they ask his name is rarely ever “Kafka.” After all, who names their dog after a philosopher/writer? Two people who love rarely-used names that’s who. (Although we do say it’s because my hubby speaks German, and I’m a writer).

Anyway, I digress. If you didn’t know who Kafka the philosopher was, as many people don't I've learned, what would you think I was saying when I said Kafka?

Here are the top names people think I say when I say Kafka. Plus, they’re paired with some cute bulldog photos, because I like to believe that this is a face that more than just a mother would love.

(Check out the slideshow below).

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