Hug Your Cat Day: Cats and dogs getting along (As long as Kafka isn’t there)

June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day! Long before I was a dog person, I was a cat person, thanks to a fat cat named Purcy, who, as his name suggests, liked to purr a lot. Today, Kafka the bulldog is the only pet in the house, but with the way he likes to rub against human legs - even if they belong to strangers - we call him “part cat.”

But really, we could never get a cat with Kafka in the household. It’s not that he doesn’t love his feline counterparts - in fact, he insists we walk by one building in our neighborhood, just to see a cat that often sits in the window - but all the cats he’s ever met haven’t liked him.

Zach and Chloe are two rambunctious cats, who are part of the Cole family.

Zach and Chloe are two rambunctious cats, who are part of the Cole family.

Case in point: my in-laws used to have a cat named Sam, who was very particular about who he associated with. He loved my father-in-law, for example, but he rarely ever let me touch him. Or Kafka for that matter. When the two pets first met, Sam furiously swatted Kafka’s stubby nose repeatedly (now that's one video I wish I had). And Kafka never learned, no matter how many times he got pawed.

That wasn’t an isolated incident either. So far Kafka has met two cats in the neighborhood, and while his little stub of a tail wagged furiously in excitement when he met them, they didn’t want anything to do with him. One hissed, and yep, tried to swat him on the nose again.

That said, Kafka is just one case of cats and dogs fighting like, well, cats and dogs. The two species can very well get along and play well together, which is exactly what happens in the Cole household, where our friends have not one but two cats (Zach and Chloe) along with their spunky dog Lucky. But while they mostly live in harmony, they have their moments.

Lucky the cockapoo often infringes on the cats’ playtime when Zach and Chloe play with string, a makeshift bird, or, especially, the laser pointer. “Zach is my first cat who likes to fetch, but when Lucky came along, he outweighed him,” David Cole says. “And now we call Lucky the play police because he likes to breakup playtime that he's not part of.”

And Zach must be jealous of Lucky playing fetch, because according to David’s wife Brodi, “Zach's newer favorite game is laying RIGHT in Lucky's path when he's playing fetch, and then batting at him as he runs past! Every. Single. Time.”

Kafka has met the Cole’s cats just once, back when he was just a puppy, and let’s just say he didn’t have nearly as much fun with them as Lucky does. In fact, every time the little stinker approached Zach and Chloe, the cats either ran away or, you guessed it, swatted him.

Do you have both cats and dogs? Do they like to play together?

Now go hug your cat to celebrate the “national” holiday!

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