Video: The Bulldog and the portable dishwasher

When my husband, our bulldog Kafka, and I moved to Lincoln Square a week ago, a lot of things changed in our pooch's routine. One of those things was the dishwasher. We had one at our old place in West Lakeview, but it was a normal one, as in: it was attached to the wall, never moved anywhere, and it definitely didn't make that much noise.

Not so at our new place. While we have a bigger kitchen now, thankfully, there wasn't any hookups for a regular dishwasher, hence the portable one. We decided to give it a test run last night, and I moved it from against a wall toward the sink.

Like most apartments in Chicago, ours is long and skinny, and as soon as Kafka heard me moving things around in the kitchen, he darted from the front windows to the back kitchen to see what was up. He patiently waited while I hooked the tubes to the faucet (and, admittedly, that took my husband and I a lot longer than it should have). And he watched as I put the detergent and last of the dishes into the machine. So far so good, nothing out of the norm here.

But then the water went on, the machine whirred to life... and Kafka just didn't know what to make of it, as you can see in the video. He was especially confused by all the loud whooshing noises.

While this cute bulldog video is just a few seconds long, Kafka -- more than once -- returned to the dishwasher, as if he was trying to keep an eye on things. But he didn't totally calm down until an hour later -- when the dishwasher stopped.

Does your dog have funny reactions to your appliances or gadgets? Kafka also tries to stop the vacuum by chomping down on it, but he never seems able to stop it, at least until I turn off the power.

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