Our Bulldog and His New Morning Routine

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: Kafka the bulldog still hasn’t totally adjusted to our new apartment yet. Our once quiet pup who barely barked seems to have discovered his voice, and he’s using it -- loudly. And he's waking up a hell of a lot earlier too.

When it was time to get ready for work in our old place, a mere week and a half ago, you couldn’t get Kafka out of bed even with promises of food. And when our bulldog is turning down food? You know he’s tired. But that was then, this is now.

Sleepy English Bulldog

Kafka the bulldog normally likes to sleep in. But in our new apartment? Never.

Our alarms go off a bit earlier in Lincoln Square, so you’d think it’d be even harder to get him out the door in the morning to do his business. Not so. Our upstairs neighbor/landlord isn’t home very often, and it appears that our bulldog is still figuring out what all the noises are around the house.

Sure enough, this morning around 5:45 (a full 45 minutes before I should be getting up), Kafka starts crying. And when I say ‘cry,’ I mean it. Friends have said he sounds just like a human baby before. (One of these days, I'll get a recording, if only so you believe me!) Of course, my husband sleeps through this, but not me. I tried to calm him down with a few pets, but it did nothing.

This morning, he just sat at the end of the bed, whimpering and then occasionally letting out a shrill bark as our neighbor moved around upstairs (or I’m guessing she was, because I could barely hear a thing). And the reason he wasn’t going off to investigate? His other new issue: he refuses to jump out of bed unless one of us gets up too. Same goes for getting into bed too.

When I finally lugged myself out of bed,  he also scrambled down to rush to the door. And he was right on time, because our neighbor was heading out to the gym just as I was starting to slip on my  shoes.

As if the early hour wasn’t bad enough, Kafka didn’t want to just go out to do his business. He wanted to go on a walk. All before 6 am. Not cool, pup, not cool.

Kafka the bulldog never cared about our upstairs neighbor’s movements before, so fingers crossed that he’ll eventually get used to the new routine -- hopefully before this weekend. Then again, if I keep giving in to his “cries,” I’ll be at fault for creating the new, earlier, routine, one that involves me getting a lot less sleep.

How have your dogs adapted when you’ve moved?

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