Midterms + Shingles = Hell On Earth

Lets clear up a few things first. I’m 18 years old I’m a freshman in college I’m only taking 13 credits I’ve been to the doctor every week with a new ailment They finally told me I have Shingles The funny thing is, that isn’t even the half of my past month. Not only have... Read more »

Collegiate Sheep Flipping and Cow Tipping

Collegiate Sheep Flipping and Cow Tipping
“Any takers?” my professor asked to a very confused group of students. Of course I was the one to respond with a “yeah lets do it!”. As I jumped into the pen I realized that this is the closest I have ever been to sheep besides the whole petting-zoo-experience. I bet all those farm kids were... Read more »

Trampled By Gay People

“Follow your dreams!” my roommate says every time I say something that correlates with doing anything. I am following my dreams! I am at a huge university in a different state to study Animal Science! Hell yes! But beyond that, I found my people.. gay people that is. Making friends in college has actually been... Read more »

The First Day of Lia's College Adventure!

This is it, I’m officially 2 lectures into earning my degree. So far its been hot, sticky, smelly, messy, awkward and strange living in a dorm. Especially with those i-can-hear-you-peeing moments and the weird post-shower walking around in boxers encounters (only me). In my residence hall the one thing that unites us is that its... Read more »

Goodbye Chicago.. For Now

I’m leaving in less than 12 hours. Sweet home Chicago, I bid you adieu. Its so surreal, leaving my little suburban bubble for the first time and being on my own. I’m gonna be a college kid in less than a week. Thats so crazy! I feel like just yesterday I was a lost pre... Read more »

I'm Only 18

Ever since childhood, I have been really fucking queer. The first time I laid eyes on my stunningly beautiful Kindergarten teacher, Miss Paige, I knew what caught my eye. She had big blue eyes along with shiny locks of flowing brown hair with the bangs cut across. She was perfect, and I was definitely a... Read more »