Momma's an Angel

Momma's an Angel

Every child born to an amazing mother always says this,

my mom is the best mom in the world.

But I can honestly say, I wouldn't be where I am without her. I mean she did have to push me out of her lady bits, feed me, potty train me, and sculpt me into the woman I am. But I would be no where near as so successful or happy or accomplished without her. She dealt with all my crazy antics, ideas, projects and complaints to do something new or to learn. 34841_1513920057812_7279213_nAnd because she kept up with my hobbies, persuits and love for all things living-- I am the animal science college student I am today.

It all started when I lived upstairs of a pastel pink house right off of a busy road. The angel statues guarded me outside, my creative, beautiful and talented mother showed me what love and invention truly was. I learned how to sew at an early age, how things correctly fit together-- even the small things she taught me built on top of my brilliance and excellence in the perception of the world.665653_4863975161951_1695785281_o Its because of her that I view all aspects of my life in an exceptional way. It started with butterflies, they captivated me. And my mom followed in what I wanted to do. We captured them and I studied them-- the beginning of it all, my curiousity for the living. When we moved to a new house, my ventures grew more impressive. Small critters was the next adventure, the first calling of a true animal adorer.Her and I enjoyed the same passion of husbandry, a love for all things living. I cared for and bred hamsters, a project we did together, my first step into my love for animal science. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to also breed rabbits, lizards, fish and eventually chickens. As I grew, so did my thirst for new species-- new experiences in the realm of mammals.18074_1304699547430_3400285_n Through my constant persistance and annoyance it was because of her that I share my life with two wonderful cats. I cannot thank her enough for even considering letting me take home those two kittens, who are now the furry loves of my life. Mom, I never truly thanked you for your inspiration and guidance. I never truly said that you're the reason why I'm still here. You gave me hope and purpose for my life and my future. Without you, I dont know where I would be and I cant believe I'm living my dream because of you.



You're my world, my life and I don't think you truly realize how much I miss you and talk about you in college. You are and always will be my one true inspiration to succeed in life, and because of you I have a drive and a passion to live on. Thank you so much for being that amazing influence, and I wouldn't have wanted to live any other way. I hope some day we can finally have that farm together, and both live our dreams as a reality.



I know it isnt mothers day just yet, but there are never enough times in our short lives where you can say I love you to those you love, or thank them for all they've done for you. Spread the love, live your life, and tell someone special how amazing they are today.


Momma I love you.


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