Splish Splash iPhone Bath

Splish Splash iPhone Bath

I am an 18 year old klutz.

I was walking on campus today all happy because I got all my stuff done for the day. So I decided to walk to the Memorial Union to just peruse. But since I was out all day, the sudden rush to pee hit me. Oh fate, oh fate, why are you so cruel?

When I went into the bathroom there was this very convenient bench to place my belongings onto, so I took advantage of it. But then, since I am afraid of theft, I brought my phone and expensive headphones into the bathroom with me. I hung up my headphones onto the door, and stuck my phone in my back pocket for safety. But knowing my memory, when I slid down my pants I heard this plop and I said out loud "oh shit". I wasn't alone in the bathroom. I didn't have time to think, and I was so embarrassed. With my pants half way down I plunged my hand down into the toilet, but I ended up pushing my phone deeper into the curve. I had to literally scratch my phone out with my fingers, and I felt completely disgusted. My phone was probably in the bowl for about 20 seconds, longer than it would have been if it didn't make a b-line into the curve. So I was butt-naked, fishing my stupid expensive phone out of the can. Oh sweet fate, why did it have to be today?

This is the second time I have dropped my phone into the toilet by accident. But this time it wasnt just an iPhone 4, it was the recently new iPhone 5s with the fingerprint and fancy technology. Fuck my life. Of course I did the whole "put the phone in rice technique". But what I didn't realize is you're not supposed to use uncooked rice, instead INSTANT rice. Unfortunately I drove all the way to Walmart, the land of cheap goods, and picked up uncooked rice. And since I want my phone to work after this fateful day I returned to Walmart for that stupid instant rice.

Like anything else could go wrong in the life of a poor college kid! My poor phone affectionately named Touchy is now taking an instant rice bath for the next 24-48 hours. If this phone doesn't turn on, I probably wont have a phone for a while because I can't afford one. I will probably be starting a Help-Lia-Get-A-New-Phone fund. I hope your week hasn't been as bad as mine!

College life is always interesting, but life will get better! Even when your personal secretary, alarm clock, communication device, and best friend circles the drain.

**And remember dont forget to spay and neuter your pets! Its the only way to stop pet overpopulation! Encourage everyone to do so too!**

**Check under my "sources" page to a link for a low cost spay and neuter clinic!**


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  • This is why you can't have nice things! Miss you, dude!

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