Identical Sheep + Finals Week

Identical Sheep + Finals Week

This is the last week of my first semester in college. Kill me.

I loved it, but finals that are worth 25% of your grade that you worked on all semester? Really stupid. So everything I did is not as important as this one test? The education system is very askew! I just want to learn and not have to memorize to get a grade! Ugh!

But thats just regular schooling, fortunately I have the most interesting major in the universe (according to most other college kids) I had to learn all these livestock breeds! Most of the species were fine. Cows? Easy. Pigs? Even easier. Chickens? Super easy. Sheep? sheep + shitWHAT THE FUCK! The white ones all look the same?! 

Sheep similarities: white, wooly, hooved etc.

Differences: Sometimes they have black faces but THE REST ARE WHITE and exactly the same.


If you don't agree with me then you're probably some crazy sheep expert that can tell a Chevoit from a PolyPay from a Texel. Yes I did learn them, and I cant say I didn't enjoy it! I love my major, and college, but sometimes when it gets rough its nice to say "all I have to do is study pictures of sheep" because a lot of people right now don't have it as easy as I do!


As for finals, I'm passing, and thats all that matters for you fellow Collegiates (I dont think its word but I use it anyway)! Higher education can truly lead to success in life, these four to eight years will determine the rest of our lives! Spend it wisely!


**And remember dont forget to spay and neuter your pets! Its the only way to stop pet overpopulation! Encourage everyone to do so too!**

**Check under my "sources" page to a link for a low cost spay and neuter clinic!**

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