The First Day of Lia's College Adventure!

This is it, I'm officially 2 lectures into earning my degree.

So far its been hot, sticky, smelly, messy, awkward and strange living in a dorm. Especially with those i-can-hear-you-peeing moments and the weird post-shower walking around in boxers encounters (only me). In my residence hall the one thing that unites us is that its really fucking hot. Me and my roommate have 4 fans total: 1 giant ass box fan, two medium size tornado makers, and one teeny desk fan that provides some sort of breeze on my face. Its going to be a long few weeks left of summer. My wishes and appreciation goes out to all those, like me, that are without A/C and have gone without it in the past!

Being productive is hard, but the hard-work pays off.

So far I already have math homework. Shit. But hey at least I'm doing it in-between classes like a good student, and not waiting till 11:30 exactly 29 minutes until its due. I'm starting the year off right! For all those procrastinators out there, just get your shit done and you will feel so much better. I know it makes me feeling like $1,000,000! Math sucks ass, but everyone sooner or later has to take those damn classes.

Fuck math man.

I wanna work with animals, quadrupeds have 4 legs and feet thats all I need math wise, right?

I'm taking a Women and Gender Studies class and so far thats fast paced, but amazing! At least I get to enjoy myself while getting a Gen Ed out of the way. I highly recommend everyone take a gender studies class cause it gives you a basic foundation of sex and gender that everyone should know! Dairy Cows deserve rights too! FIGHT THE BULL! Wait, I'm totally kidding. But hey, respect your animals, they do give us most things we need.

"The other F word... Feminism!"

To all those college freshman out there, I give you wishes of good luck in your studies; whatever that may be! And for those who are struggling in this weather like I am, stay strong, Fall is on the way!

**And remember dont forget to spay and neuter your pets! Encourage everyone to do so too!** Check under my "sources" page to a link for a low cost spay and neuter clinic!

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