The Dignity of the Concession Speech - It's Overdue Mr. Roy Moore

In our democracy, the voters still determine the outcome of the election. Election Commissions certify those results. The election is NOT won or lost with a concession speech, the concession speech is a traditional, dignified means for political opponents to signal that the election is over, the voters have spoken, and the results are accepted.

It's an indication that there will not be prolonged recounts, recall campaigns, lawsuits, and that it's time to move on. The more this episode drags on, the more we are reminded not only of the loss but also of the unsavory allegations of past behavior.

Time to shoulder the responsibility for your life and the loss, Mr. Moore, and like the stoic cowboy you purport to be, ride off into the sunset after conceding that Doug Jones, a Democrat, won the Alabama Special Election of the U.S. Senate.

Hi, Ho, Sassy, Away!

Roy Moore Rides a Horse to the Polls

Moore Rides to the Polls from the Washington Post

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