Flying the Friendly Skies, Not Any More It seems......

Flight Attendants have a responsibility for the safety and security of the aircraft. No one should interfere with their proper performance of these duties. If passengers want to film an incident, that's all well and good. Jumping out of your seat and confronting an attendant is not acceptable, nor is the "bring it on" attitude from the flight attendant. The proper remark should have been "Sir, return to your seat please." Followed up by, "Sir if you do not return to your seat, I will have you removed from this aircraft for interfering the safe operation of the flight." The pilot should have backed that up.

As to how the stroller got on the plane that is the responsibility of the PASSENGER, followed by the Gate Attendant and the boarding attendant. Perhaps none of them were aware of the possible language barrier, and perhaps the passenger really did not understand what was happening. I've often seen a passenger allowed to take a stroller down the Jetway, with instructions to leave the stroller at the end of the ramp for gate side checking. But somehow the stroller made it onto the plane. It should have been taken away for checking at the aircraft door. It should never have been in the aisle of the plane during boarding.

This incident unnecessarily affected the safety, security, and quality of flight for everyone on that aircraft. There should not be support for the actions of either of the two gentlemen in the altercation. The lack of civility that has manifested itself through the perceived anonymity of the Internet is now appearing in public settings. It's leading to emotional escalations of events that could be managed with courteous and appropriate behavior.

American Airlines will investigate; the Flight Attendant will at best be suspended, although the public outcry will be for termination, if not that he be drawn and quartered. But we should not lose sight of the fact that from purchasing a ticket to disembarking, passengers are agreeing to board with other people, seat themselves safely, comply with the FAA and Airline regulations, and behave in a civil manner. If you’re asked to move, stow some items, turn off a device, return to your seat, or even leave the aircraft, please do so; you are not the only passenger on the aircraft. File your grievances after the flight, PLEASE!

p.s. sure that's United's old motto, but there's enough about United already.

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