5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Show Your Boobs At Work

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Show Your Boobs At Work

Ladies, when the weather warms up it's natural to want to show a little more skin, even in the office. But most times, it's just not a good idea. Showing the girls off in the office can cause all kinds of issues. Almost everybody is affected by your cleavage.

As far as I can tell, men do not believe that there was ever a pair of boobs created that are not worth a look. I know men who can categorize the women in their offices by bra size.

You ask that guy on your team if he's done with his part of the project you're working on. The answer, nope, he's not. He's too busy staring at your boobs. Does it seem like he didn't even hear your question? Nope, he didn't. He's too busy staring at your boobs.

And when you walk away, you know what he's doing? He’s thinking about your boobs.  Eventually, they will be able to get back to work, but it won't be until they forget about your boobs.

Now, the guys are saying "I can work around women without looking at their boobs". Don't kid yourself, you've looked, and the ladies know it.

And for the other ladies in the office, they don't like it either. No matter where they fall in spectrum of boob size, they do not appreciate watching your boobs jiggle their way through the office.

Boobs in the office pic 5They are offended! Jealous and offended! Or, concerned and offended, or embarrassed and offended. Just know that they are offended in some way.

Now, the ladies are saying "I don't care what other women wear at work". Don't kid yourselves either, it bothers or concerns you on some level, and we know that too.


Anyway, for the ladies who might find themselves at work with the girls on display, think about this first:

5. All the women with small boobs don't like you for showing that you have boobs. Therefore, it causes stress in the workplace.

4. All the women with boobs don't like you for showing your boobs because they feel like it makes them look bad by proxy. Again, it causes stress in the workplace.

3. All the straight men are looking at your boobs. They are doing no work while gazing at your cleavage. Production of work slows waaaaay down.

2. All the gay men, those you might dress up as women from time to time, are wondering what they might look like with your boobs. Their focus is lost momentarily.

1. Nobody listens to you. They are staring at your boobs the entire time you are talking to them. They have NO idea what you are saying! I can tell you that being stared at while simultaneously being ignored is very frustrating! Don't do it to yourself.

Truth is, people are going to look at your boobs no matter what. And, showing your boobs is ok, just not at work. Boobs in the office pic 4


Have a great day at work today, and please don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!

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