Do Moms Get Mother's Day Off

Do Moms Get Mother's Day Off

Everybody knows that being a Mom is a fulltime job. In most jobs, there are designated holidays where employees don't have to go to work. Does this also count for Mom's too? I started thinking of this obviously because Mother's Day is a few days away. And, even though I've celebrated many Mother's Days with my Mom, I don't ever remember her having the day off.

Not what I consider to be a day off.  She still did the same things she did every other day. Sure, we made her breakfast, but she ended up doing the dishes. And of course we bought her flowers, gifts and a card, but she had to clean up all the crap leftover from all the wrapping paper and gift boxes.

Plus, we still went to her when we couldn't find things, had questions or needed advice or help with homework for the next day. She still did her normal Sunday things in preparation for the upcoming week. Is that really a day off??

When I have a day off I don't do ANYTHING that is work related. I read a blog from a fellow blogger who is a stay at home mom who asked to be able to go to the bathroom by herself for mother's day. Is that something you actually have to ask for? I never have to ask to go to the bathroom by myself at work! Is this how it's supposed to go?

Seems to me that being a Mom is the hardest job anyone ever has to do. Your day starts as soon as the first kid opens one eye and you can't go to bed until the last person in the house falls asleep and doesn't need anything and you've already planned what needs to be done the next day. You never get breaks, lunches, sick days or holidays off. Even the ones that are designated just for you!

Hopefully, all the smiles, giggles and special moments that you might otherwise miss, make it all worth it! I think I just realized what my Mom really wants for Mother's Day. So this year, I'm gonna give my Mom a real gift and leave her the hell alone for once!

Happy Friday and Happy Mother's Day!


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