Don't Be A Mooch! Your Co-workers Don't Like It!

Don't Be A Mooch! Your Co-workers Don't Like It!

Everybody has someone (in my case there's more than one) in their office who is always asking for things. I don't mean people like me though. I'm the person who shows up to every meeting without a notepad. I always have to ask someone for paper to write on. I guess that can be annoying too. I'm gonna work on it.

But back to my real concern. The people who never have what they need at work. The ones who are always asking if they can borrow or have whatever. "Do you have an extra cigarette"? An extra cigarette?!!! Hell no!! Extra means one that is not needed or wanted. I have been smoking for years and I have yet to have a not needed, unwanted cigarette! I need and want every cigarette in this pack!

I worked with someone who was an every day smoker, yet everyday they have to ask me for a lighter. This is really not a big deal, until it happens everyday for 8 months straight! How the hell can you be a regular smoker who never has a lighter? So, I guess you don't smoke until you get to work? I doubt it! Buy a lighter and keep it with you and stop bugging me dammit!

Do you have an extra dollar? No, I don't. I have never had a dollar that I didn't need either! Normally, this is also not a big deal. Except when it's always the same person who never has a dollar to loan back. Maybe they did, honestly, I never asked.

What are you having for lunch? Can I have a piece? I worked with a girl who would come by my desk everyday to see if I had food so she could ask for some. This same girl would raid the desk drawer of the guy who sat next to me everyday because she knew that he kept a drawer filled with snacks and soda.

We don't mind sharing, but not everyday. You know you're going to want to eat something during the day at work. Bring your own food! Or, give me your SSN so I can put your mooching ass on my tax return! The guy who sat next to me started to lock his drawer after a few months of that and I started to tell them that I didn't have enough to share no matter how much I had.

It took about 2 days of the drawer being locked and me saying no before that person stopped talking to both of us. Thank goodness!

Some of them are even more sinister.  The ones who want to join in and order food with a group of people. Somehow, they always forget to mention that they don't have any cash until the food comes. Even worse are the ones who always want to plan food days and pot lucks, but never bring anything. Then they eat more than anybody else and start packing up food to take home while others haven't had one bite yet. The ones that will put both hands into your box of Dunkin Donut munchkins because you offered them one. Both hands?!! Really bitch! Who does that?!

Asking for things from time to time is ok, but when it happens everyday for months, it's called begging. I know you have a job because we work together. Other people are not responsible for you. It's not cool to constantly beg people for things. It gets old! Quickly! From now on, I'm going to treat these people like drugs and just say no! And, I'm not gonna feel bad about it either!

If you're the office moocher, stop it! You're getting on our nerves!


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