Being A Creep Really Makes You Tired

Being A Creep Really Makes You Tired

Just in case you haven't read about this guy already, that's Joseph Caffarello in the picture. A couple of his employees caught him sleeping at work and decided to take pictures. You'll be happy to know that it took the Illinois Toll-Way only 11 short months to fire him. What?!!! 11 months to fire a guy who was sleeping on the job?? And you’re really gonna love this part, this is the third time, yes, the third time, this guy has been fired.

Considering that it's been reported that this joker makes $78,444 dollars a year, and has been fired twice before, the least he could do is stay awake at work once he got his job back. But oh no, this guy drifts right off into a comfortable slumber right in his office.

I wonder though, if his employees didn't prefer that he be sleeping. Apparently he’s a real sweetheart when he’s awake. As the story goes, he’s the head butting, verbally abusive, drug using, intimidating other employees, kind of sweetheart. I imagine he’s the kind of guy people love to see get fired. I don’t think I’d wanna see it three times though.

So, here are a few things that come to mind. First, this dude is either freakin' nuts or he knows that no matter what he does, he'll be able to get his job back. Now, how does someone know that?? Well, this is Illinois, but I'll keep my thoughts on that to myself. Second, how can you head butt another employee and get your job back after that??

Usually violence on the job is a deal breaker, no questions asked. If it isn't, there are some people at my job that might be in trouble tomorrow! Just kidding. Third, how the hell can you think it's ok to get fired from the same job twice and then still sleep when you're there? I wonder. Fourth, why did it take the Illinois toll-road 11 months to fire him after they had proof of him sleeping on the job??

The best part is, according to the article I read, this guy expects to get his job back again! That's insane!!!! How the hell is he gonna do that? How can you dispute being accused of sleeping on the job when there are pictures of you sleeping on the job?? I can’t wait to see how this turns out. However, if this guy gets his job back, I will never pay another toll for the rest of my life. I refuse to pay my money so that this guy to have some place to sleep!

And, as usual, have a great day at work today and don't do anything that will get you fred and/or arrested!


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