Too Bad You're A Woman, Otherwise, You Might Matter.

Too Bad You're A Woman, Otherwise, You Might Matter.

Have you ever worked in an environment where only men are in charge and only what the 'men" think matter? Have you been overworked, overlooked and ignored in the office because you're a woman? Have you felt like it's "too bad that you're a woman, otherwise, you might matter?

Unfortunately, one of my readers works in a place like this. After reading her story, it was clear to me that the "Good Ol' Boys Club" is still alive and well in Corporate America.

Let me tell you about this craziness! First off, there are very few women working in this office. They are treated more like domestic slaves than co-workers.  They are expected to be available at every beck and call of their male counterparts.

The women are expected to do most of the work while the men collect all the accolades, promotions and pay raises. They are expected to work overtime whenever someone needs something. Not a problem, right? Right! Except in this case.

Here's the scenario, you've just completed and submitted a project to the person who needs it. The project initially takes only a few overtime hours to get it done by the deadline they gave you.

9 weeks later, that person loses the completed project and all the supporting documentation that goes with it. So, you are required to find all the supporting documentation again reorganize it and submit it to them, again.

Since you've already completed this project, just a few more overtime hours are needed to get it them "right away" as requested.

Now fast forward another 6 weeks.  This same person comes to you and tells you that they never gave the completed proposal to the client. And, there are others pieces of documentation (that they never gave you or told you about) that need to be included because the previous documentation is now outdated. This time, they tell you that they need it by Monday morning.

It's currently approximately 3 pm on Friday. You spend the next couple hours working on other projects and reminding them to send you the most current supporting documentation so that you can begin to organize it with the other information to complete the project again.

No response to your reminders for the new info by 4, 5, or 6PM. You leave the office and go home. Luckily, by 8PM you have it. It's Friday night! The start of the weekend. You expect that it will take only a few more overtime hours like before, because, for the most part, it's finished.

Nope! The new documentation states that the initial numbers provided with the older info had not been updated to reflect the real numbers on which the entire project will be based upon. Now, the entire project will have to be completed again, this time, over the weekend.

At this company, that's not considered overtime worthy because they feel as though you've already been paid to complete this project. Unless you're one of the guys, in which case, everything you do after 5PM or on a weekend day is overtime.

You have already spent hours working overtime on this project that you were not paid for. And now you're going to spend your weekend doing it again, and still not get paid for it.

That doesn't really sit well with me. Does it sound right to you?

I felt angry when the reader told me this story. I felt angry when I had to think about how to put it into words for this post. I felt angry when I read it for spelling errors and weird content or sentence structure (hope this reads well). I feel angry right now! This whole ordeal is COMPLETELY ridiculous!

I'd like to be able to offer some suggestions on how to deal with this other than choking the life out of this guy. But, I came up with nothing. Can you guys think of anything? If so, please share it with us! Leave a comment below!

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  • I'm not sure what "corporation" this individual works for, but it has been my experience that companies bend over backward to ensure everything is on even ground because the threat of discrimination lawsuits is so high. That being said, I can happily say that gender literally does not play a role in my workplace. I have successfully risen to a respectable level and never once in 23 years believe that my gender was at issue, either when I have and haven't been promoted. I hope your readers in non-corporate America aren't left with the impression that the scenario you describe is representative of all big companies.

  • Hi Anne, thanks for your comment. I have also been very fortunate that I have not worked in an environment where my gender was an issue. However, I have worked in field that required that trainers be sent to different companies, and there were A LOT of companies that only wanted male trainers. It would be nice if everyone had the same experience that you've had, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I would be surprised to find anyone who would think that one particular type of issue would be present in "all big companies" as you stated. And, even if this person is the ONLY person in the world who is dealing with this issue, although I know that's not true, it's still worth sharing.

  • Wow! This is horrible! I don't have any suggestions on how to deal with this :(
    I am experiencing something similar at my workplace. Not nearly as bad as this poor reader tho! I recently received my Bachelor degree in Information Tech, and 2 months prior to graduation my boss pulled me into the office and I flat out told him I didn't see any opportunities at the office for me in my field. He told me "oh no, no.. there would be."
    So here I am a year later, like an idiot, still there. In the past month my co-worker who was on an even playing field with me as we were both doing the same job got promoted to my boss. Then my friend who actually helped me get the job there got promoted to a boss, from his technical based position there. Well, you think that his old computer related job would fall to me? Oh no! They hired off the street, a guy, because that position is part of the "boy's club".
    There is no where for me to go there, no where and I wasted a year waiting on it.

  • In reply to Alleria:

    Hi Alleria! Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that you're having a similar situation at your job. It's a shame that you haven't been able to move up yet. On the bright side, if there is one, now you have a even more experience that you can add to your resume, which hopefully will help you find an even better job! :)

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