Sometimes, Being Fired Is A Good Thing!

Sometimes, Being Fired Is A Good Thing!

I called my nephew a couple of days ago to check in with him and see how his job situation was going. He just turned 20 years old and had been seriously looking for work.

He had not had a job before and it bothered him that his parents have to pay for his expenses. His car insurance, cell phone, spending money etc. He's had a few let downs with places that had promised to hire him but never did.

Finally he got a job at an Einstein Bagels and he was so excited! My call was to follow up and find out if he still liked it. Instead of chatting all about his new job at Einstein, he told me that he had been fired. After only 2 five hour shifts, they said that he "wasn't catching on fast enough".

What?! What job, no matter what kind, is anyone expected to learn in less than 10 hours when they are teaching you each part simultaneously?

I've been in the working world for a LONG time and I've never had a job where I was expected to be able to run the place by myself after 10 hours of training.

Now, being is Aunt and desperately wanting to make him feel better immediately, I quickly started to tell him how it was their loss and assuring him that he would find something really soon!

As I was trying to think of all the other comforting things I should say, he quickly jumped in and said, "but I have another job now".

You do! That's so awesome! He told me that after Einstein Bagels fired him (side bar: Einstein Bagels, you suck!) he felt awful. He just couldn't go home and tell his parents that he had been fired.

He thought they would be disappointed. He thought of any and everything he could do to avoid having to tell his parents what happened.

Instead of going home, he drove to the mall where he had applied for a job at another food place where a friend of his worked. When he got there and found out that the place had a new manager and that his friend no longer worked there.

But he talked to the new manager anyway. He explained that he wanted to follow up on the job he applied for a few weeks prior.

He even told the guy about what happened at Einstein Bagels. The manager at Charley's (that's the name of the place) agreed that the whole deal was a bunch of crap!

Then he told my nephew that he seemed very determined, that he'd love to have him work for him, and that a position was available. So, he hired him!

Now my nephew has a new job! Even more important, he likes his manager, the guy who hired him and his other co-workers! Kudos and many thanks to John, the manager at Charley's in the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree Colorado!

Oh, and thanks to the people at Einstein bagels for being jerks and firing him so that he could find a new job that he really likes where the people realize how awesome he is!

Sometimes, being fired is a good thing! Just what I needed for a Monday morning! Inspiration!

And , as usual, have a great day at work today. Or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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