Excuse Me Ma'am, But Your Unhappiness Is Showing!

Excuse Me Ma'am, But Your Unhappiness Is Showing!

Have you ever had an experience with someone who you suspect may be miserable at work? I have. In fact, I've spent my whole day dealing with people who appear to be unhappy at work. I'm gonna take you on a little trip through my day so you can see where my suspicions came from.

Let's start with calling the cable company regarding their service. They have been "upgrading" their service for the past 6 months or so. At the end of the "upgrade" the service was still not working well.

I have called about this before, and was told that the entire upgrade wasn't complete for my area yet, but that it would get much better soon. It never did. At what was supposed to be the end of the upgrade period for my area, their service would go out approximately once every hour or so.

In January, I tried to call again, but was unable to get through. It was so strange too, because other people who live in my area within a mile in each direction who also have the same service were unable to get through as well. In fact, nobody was able to get through to them for over 3 weeks! How is that possible?

Finally, in February, I gave up. Trying to call them I mean. I also gave up sending in my payments. Why should I pay for service that never works? I figured, hey, this way, they'll call me. I know they want to be paid.

And, they did call. They called me all through the month of February, but as it turns out, my ability to answer the phone was being upgraded and it wasn't complete yet. Once my verbal upgrade was complete, I called them back, today.

The automated recording said my call was very important, but that it would take about 5 minutes for someone to answer. Finally, when someone did answer, I explained why I was calling and was quickly told that my service would be disconnected.

I said "Great! Tell me how much the final bill will be once you apply the credit for all the days, and I mean days, when the service was down and the intermittent down periods over the past 6 months".

The person asked me if I expected them to figure out how much that should be. I replied, "Why yes, I don't think I can apply a credit to my own account seeing that I don't work there".

They said that they didn't care what I did. Really? Sounds kinda miserable to me. So, I hung up. I thought, ok, I will apply my own credit. I'll figure out what I think is a fair payment and send in only that amount and wait for you to call me again.

Hope I'm not going through another phone answering upgrade and am able to answer their call.

Now, we'll move on to the Dr.s office that I visited to drop off paperwork. I walk in and see a woman sitting behind the registration desk. There's no one else in the office or at the desk so I walk up and say hello.

Well, almost hello, before the second letter "L" and the "O" were verbalized, the woman sighs loudly and says "Can I help you" in a very unfriendly tone. I ignore it and start over with my hello. I'm determined to start this off right!

I say hello again and begin to explain why I'm there. She stares blankly and then begins to explain why my request to have these 3 pieces of paper that have about 5 questions each might take over a week to complete.

I know Dr's are busy, but they are there to assist their patients aren't they? What the hell!

I tell her why the forms are important and why it needs to be done as soon as possible. She repeats herself in that it's not going to be a quick turn around. I smile, repeat myself that it's important, smile again and leave. Hmmmmm, she might be miserable at work.  Let's hope it gets done.

Then on the post office. I ordered some books that I have been anxiously waiting for. The UPSP tracking info says the package was delivered on March 15th. Today is the 19th and there's no package.

So, I went to the post office to check if maybe the books were there instead. I'm standing in line waiting for an open window. I hear a voice say, NEXT!!!! I proceed to approach the window and am met with yet another blank stare.

She must be related to the chick from the Dr.s office. She doesn't say anything so I start to tell her why I'm there...this is deja'vu. When I'm done explaining that I'm looking for a package that was supposed to have been delivered but wasn't.

She responds with "And?". Now, at this point, I'm losing my patience, but I'm still calm. I respond, "AND, I'm wondering if maybe the package was left here instead of being delivered. She asks me (with oh so much attitude) why I think the package would be there....can you believe this??

Now, in a slightly louder, but still calm voice I say, "Because this is the f*%*ing post office where mail comes before it gets delivered and after it can't be or wasn't delivered, that's why!

Now she perks up and quickly says Oh ok, I can go check for you. What's wrong with people? I nod and say "Thank you, I'd appreciate it if you would".

She comes back about 10 minutes later and says there's nothing there, but offers to send a notice if any packages come in for my address. Again, I nod and say thank you. As I leave the window, I'm convinced that that chick was unhappy at work. And, she didn't seem so grateful either!

I've decided to go home and stay in for the rest of the day.

Hope you're having a GREAT day at work! Or, at the very least, not doing anything that will get you fired and or arrested!


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