Are You Making Yourself Miserable At Work? Read this!

Are You Making Yourself Miserable At Work? Read this!

Last week I posted about the things that employers do that makes us miserable at work.  But I starting thinking that maybe there are things we do ourselves that make us miserable too.

The jury is still out on this one, but here's some things I've either done myself or watched other people do that might be making some of us miserable at work.

1. Expecting that everyone you work with will like you and that you'll like them. If you are one of   these people, remember that people at work  were chosen by your employer, not YOU.

To think that you will like all of them or that all of them will like you is unrealistic.  Stop making yourself miserable at work and accept that this mostly likely won't be the case so that you can easily and happily move away from this idea.

2. Complaining about the same issue(s) all the time.  This is one of the biggest ways most people make themselves miserable at work. If there is something going on at work that has been going on for a long time, it's probably not going to change any time soon.

You can do yourself a favor by not complaining about it anymore. The best thing you can do for you, is change how you think of it , or how you deal with it.

Trust me on this one, it took me a VERY LONG time before I learned the first step of how to do this, but I promise I will share what I learn as I go through the process.

3. Allowing your unhappiness with the job or the employer to turn you into a less than desirable employee.  Once you've given your best, even if it it's not rewarded, it becomes the employers expectation of you.

If the product of your work decreases in any way, they will notice. You will do yourself a grave injustice by giving them ANY reason to treat you the way they have been.  I realize that this is very difficult.

But if you continue to do a great job, it may put you in a better position to find another job. Plus, when you leave, it will have a the effect of much bigger loss than if you had become a not to great employee.

4. Focusing mostly on the things that make you miserable at work.  If you do this, and I certainly have, then you already know that this keeps you in a negative sort of slump.

And, it lessens the things that are/could be the bright spot about your job.  For me, my job affords me a comfortable home, a car and an occasional night out on the town!

These things are important.  And they are what keep me on the grateful side as opposed to the miserable side sometimes. But again, I struggle with this one too.

5. Taking the wrong job. Have you ever accepted a position that you knew you wouldn't like from the start? I have and therfore made myself miserable at work.

When you really need a job and someone offers you one, of course you'll take it. Even when you know you'll hate it.

In this economy, I imagine that there are lots of people in this situation. Who can afford to pass on a job that you won't like when you need to pay your bills? Not me.

But honestly, you knew you wouldn't like it when you took the job. Don't expect that this will change.  If it does, that's great.  But if it doesn't, suck it up and deal with it until you can find something you will like. Hopefully, that will come sooner rather than later!

These are just a few things to consider.  Let me know what you think.

Happy Monday everyone! And, as usual, have a great day at work today.  Or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and or arrested.

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