Do You Have A Bad Boss? Are YOU A Bad Boss?

Do You Have A Bad Boss? Are YOU A Bad Boss?

Bad bosses come in all shapes, sizes, colors, income levels, at big and small companies alike.  You can find a bad boss almost everywhere, except maybe Costco.

Last week I published a list of the top 5 things employers do that make their employees miserable. This week I am discussing each item on the list more in depth.

Monday, I discussed item #5 on the list - Not making the work environment conducive of the job at hand. I need office space!

Yesterday, we moved on to item # 4 on the list - Stop double talking your employees!

Today we're discussing # 3 on the list - Hiring managers that don't know how to manage people. Are you a bad boss?

Managers, here's a list of things that most likely mean you suck at management, and that you're a "bad boss".

# 10 - You are constantly criticizing the people on your team.  No matter what they do, you find something wrong and focus on that. You really suck if you do this.

# 9 - You double talk the people you manage.  This is just bad practice. Be honest so that you can receive honesty in return.

# 8 - You create team rivalry. You encourage your people to compete against each other. A team divided is NOT a team!

# 7 - You're on a power trip. You're only concern is trying to control other people and what they do. You don't control anyone.  They are playing the game in order to keep their jobs.  They don't really care about what you think.

# 6 - You think you know everything. You never admit that you were wrong because your fragile little ego can't take it! You don't know everything anymore than anyone else does.

Admit when you're wrong and find the information if you don't know. Don't just pull things out of your ass so you can appear to be knowledgeable. When we find out you're wrong, it highlights your stupidity!

# 5 - You think you're more important than the other employees. Newsflash, unless you're part owner, you are an employee just like everybody else!

You're not anything special. You can and will be fired just as easily as others for any reason that is not illegal.

# 4 - You think you can talk to people like they're stupid because you're a manager. Stop doing this.  It's disrespectful, annoying and adds stress.

The people you manage are not emotional punching bags. Get some therapy already!

# 3 - You micro manage.  Workers don't need or want you up their asses and on their backs all day long every day. If they want to work, they will. Great!

And, if they don't want to work, they won't. Deal with this accordingly. If they don't know how to do the job, train them, the proper way. Otherwise, leave people the hell alone!

# 2 - You purposely make things difficult for the employees you don't like. If this dislike is based  on who they are personally, not based on how they perform or do their jobs, you are not management material.

If you can't separate your personal feelings from your professional ones, you suck and should not be a manager.

# 1 - You expect to be treated as though you're royalty. Let me tell you something El-DopeO, you're not that important. Get over yourself!

Did you find yourself or someone you know on this list? Stop it or change it; tell them to stop it or change it.  Whichever applies. You could also just accept that you might be punched in the face someday if you don't.

Happy Wednesday! Have a GREAT day at work today! Or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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