Warning! Adult Language! Another Bad Boss!

Warning! Adult Language! Another Bad Boss!

Warning! Some adult language is used in this particular blog.

I don't want to keep picking on the "Bad Bosses" of the world, but every time I try to move on to something else, another bad boss story comes my way.

So, I'm in this cellular store trying to purchase a car charger. As soon as I step through the door, someone asks for my name and why I'm there. I have a short conversation with a salesperson who helps me find the item I'm looking for and then wait for someone else to help me with my purchase.  It appears that the first person I spoke to put my name on a list that is highlighted on a board on the wall of the store.

I wait for a few moments until a very nice young lady comes over to me and asks if I'm so and so from the list. I say yes.  She then invites me over to her station and advises that she'll be assisting me with my purchase.

She's very polite and is answering all of my questions with a smile! Until, this guy who appears to be the store manager comes over and interrupts.  He calls her name loudly, much louder than necessary as he's standing right behind me at her station.

He asks who she's helping currently. She replies with my name.  Well almost, because before she finishes saying my name, he interrupts her again to reprimand her for not removing my name from the list.

He continues with other unnecessary things that I can't remember because my anger took away my hearing all of a sudden. Once he walks away, I ask her if this is the kind of treatment she deals with all the time.

She shyly explained that she's new and that she's also the only girl in this store. I apologized for his rudeness and quickly finished my business and left the store. I was anxious to call this company and tell them how their employees are being treated at this location.

I couldn't wait to tell them that yet another thing had been added to the list of reasons as to why I never want to do business with them again.

Most companies want their employees to build rapport with their customers. This place obviously does. Why else would they make such a big deal of welcoming you to the store and having a representative walk over to you in the line to tell you that they would be assisting you with your purchase?

All their time, effort and hard work of making the customer feel welcomed and important went right down the drain when this asshole came over and rudely ruined the rapport this poor girl was trying to build.

The store wasn't busy. Couldn't he have waited for me to leave or even finish my statement before he came over to reprimand her? Was it really a big deal that my name was still on the list? There wasn't another person in the store who wasn't an employee other than me, where's the confusion. Was it necessary to try and make her feel inadequate, especially in front of a customer?

Dude, you're a Bad Boss! Degrading an employee in the presence of a customer does not make you look good! It makes you look like a jerk! I bet that you don't just look like a jerk and that you really ARE a jerk! So, since she probably can't tell you this, I will, "Hey Sprint Store Manager, you're an ASS so go F**K yourself"!

That felt good! Happy Monday everybody! And of course, have a great day at work today. Or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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  • Thank you for planning on calling the company and letting them know about the Bad Boss. That's probably the best way to hold his assholery to accountability.

  • Thanks Holly! This guy had a lot of assholery to go around!

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