AAARGH! I Need Office Space!

AAARGH! I Need Office Space!

Last week I published a list of the top 5 things employers do that make their employees miserable. This week I want to discuss each item on the list more in depth with examples of what the employers do or don't do and talk more about how it affects the employees.

First up is item #5 on the list - Not making the work environment conducive of the job at hand. We need office space!

So, you get hired for a new job in a call center.  You know that you will have a designated desk where you'll be sitting. You walk over to the space and find that someone already sits there.

You're told that you'll have to share a desk (your office space). You think, no problem.  I know how to share. You sit, put your things on the desk, work your 8 hours and go home.

The next day you find a very nasty note attached to the computer monitor.  It says, "I don't know why you think it's ok to leave your things here, but you'll need to stop leaving your crap at my desk!"

You talk to your manager about it and you're told that the other guy who sits there is an "old timer" and is not happy about having to share with the new hires,"But go ahead and leave your things".

The next day your work manuals, notepads and other work related things are in the garbage. You speak to your manager again and he says, "Yeah, he can be difficult sometimes, but you boys just work it out".

You take your work items and such home with you every night in an effort to solve the problem, but the fun doesn't stop there.

In the days to follow, other nasty notes are left for you, "You readjusted the monitor settings.  I like them a certain way. It's not ok for you to steal my sticky notes, get your own! Stop leaving your wrappers in the garbage." Right, why would anybody leave garbage in the garbage can?

To the employer: Are you people insane?!!! Why would you allow an employee, particularly a NEW employee to go through this without stopping it right away?

Do you really think it's acceptable to allow an employee to treat another employee this way? Is your employee retention rate low? I bet it is, and it will remain that way until you learn how to treat your employees with respect!

You don't deserve to have good employees, and just a side note, the service you provide sucks also!

To the employee: It's really unfortunate that you had to endure such nonsense. Hopefully, things will be much better at your next job!

Has this happened to you? No? Be happy it hasn't and go to work today with a smile on your face.  If it has happened to you, I am very sorry and I hope you'll find a new job like this person did!

As usual, have a great day at work today. Or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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