Does Your Employer Appreciate And Respect Your Hard Work?

Does Your Employer Appreciate And Respect Your Hard Work?

If I wasn't paid to work, I wouldn't. But you know what else would motivate me to go to work? I'll tell you, feeling appreciated and respected! I'd like to know that you're aware that what I do here is hard work. And, that my working here is what continues the need to have you working here!

Last week I published a list of the top 5 things employers do that make their employees miserable. This week I am discussing each item on the list more in depth.

Monday, I discussed item #5 on the list - Not making the work environment conducive of the job at hand. I need office space!

On Tuesday, we moved on to item # 4 on the list - Stop double talking your employees with "I Love It When You Double Talk To Me".

Wednesday, we discussed # 3 on the list - Hiring managers that don't know how to manage people in "Do You Have A Bad Boss? Are YOU A Bad Boss?"

Yesterday we moved down the list to # 2 - Not giving your employees enough time off - "I Really Like You, But I Need Some Time Away....From Work!"

Today, we finish out the week with our # 1 - Not appreciating your employees.

The two things that employees seem to want more than anything is being appreciated and treated with respect. Oh how I wish companies would show appreciation for the people who work for them.

The people who bring in all the money, keep things running smoothly and make all the big wigs looks good deserve to be noticed for their hard work. We don't need stupid pizza parties or "special meetings" telling us how great we are.

We need to be treated fairly and paid a fair amount for our work. In appreciating your employees, you can turn a group of people who only show up because they are paid to do so, into a group of people who really put their hearts and minds into their work.

The quality of work you'll get from a person who feels appreciated is almost 10 fold of the ones who don't feel appreciated.

I'm not saying that you have to roll out the red carpet every morning for them to walk in on and serve mimosa's all day, but is that such a bad idea? Why not treat them as though they are special.

I mean, after all, without them, there would be no need for you! You don't need managers if there is no team to manage. Where would an organization be without the people who sell, manufacture and deliver etc. your product?

All those reports you create and use to figure out how to make more money is a product of someone's work. Someone's time away from their families, their personal lives.

Is it so awful to say thank you? The words are nice, but fair compensation, acknowledgment and respect, goes a long way.

Make your benefits package something they can afford. You want them to be healthy, right? How can they produce great work if they're sick?

Make allowances for their scheduling needs when you can. Don't insist on being open on Christmas because you don't want to miss the $50 you might make if you're company were open.

Be honest in your dealings with them. People feel better when working with others they can trust.

Focus a little more on the people who get you to your bottom line results instead of just the bottom line itself. They helped your company get to that bottom line.

Don't talk down to them. It's disrespectful and unnecessary. You will never get a quality days' work from someone who feels like you don't value them as a person and as an employee/co-worker.

It's not so hard to make people feel good.  Just do the opposite of what I bet most companies are currently doing. Consider this one to grow on Corporate America. Free of charge!

Have a very Happy Friday and a GREAT day at work today everyone! Or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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