If I give you money, you're gonna have sex with me, right?

If I give you money, you're gonna have sex with me, right?

If I give you money, you're gonna have sex with me, right?

Sounds like something you'd expect to hear on some seedy corner in the middle of the night in the wrong part of town doesn't it? Nope, this was a discussion had by a friend of mine at his job. He was surprised to say the least. The fact that she then tried to get him fired when he refused, is not so surprising thougg. This sort of rejection can turn a friendly co-worker  into an unfriendly enemy very quickly I've learned.  And now, my friend knows it too.

When the new lady at work joined the team, she seemed very nice. So nice, that all the thoughtful gestures appeared to be harmless. It started with home cooked meals that she brought to work and shared with him. He assumed that being a much older lady that she just liked to cook and wanted to make a good impression.  The office they work in is very small  so, a good working relationship with your peers can come in handy and make things less stressful. She just wanted to be on good terms, he thought.

But eventually, other things were added to the list of "friendly gestures".  The concert tickets she gave him saying that she couldn't use them didn't seem suspicious until she showed up at the concert. He kept thinking that there's no way that this much older woman who's married, who also knows that's he's married was coming on to him.  Still, he decided that he should err on the side of caution just in case, and so no thank you from now on.

After he began to refuse all the dinners, home baked cookies, the coffee she happened to grab because she was already getting one for herself and the magazines she would pick up because she knows he likes to read them, things got ugly. Finally she offered to give him some cash because she knew he needed to buy something for his son. Maybe she thought that she needed to up the anty now that he had become accustomed to the other "friendly gestures" she was making and was now saying no because he was no longer impressed by them.

He told her that he had become uncomfortable with all the gifts being given with nothing being given in return. And that's when it happened.  She just came out and said that she was doing nice things for him because she was hoping they could have a more intimate relationship.  He immediately said no, and apologized if he had given her the wrong impression. She seemed to take the disappointment well, for about 10 seconds.  Then all hell broke loose.

The following day at work he was called into his manager's office where they told him that he was being put on a verbal warning for sleeping on the job, taking extended lunches, breaks and work avoidance. The verbal was to be replaced with a written one once they could show proof of what happened.

Luckily, he had not done any of those things and had been working there for a while.  He had a good relationship with his other co-workers who could vouch for him and the quality of his work.  When all was said and done, everybody told the truth except for her, and my friend was able to keep his job without being written up.

It's great that my friend wasn't fired, but she wasn't fired either.  They still work together. They are  cordial to each other, but the environment is still uncomfortable, obvioulsy.

So, here's two more people to add to the list of those who are grateful for their jobs, but kinda miserable at the same time. If this has ever happened to you, I am truly sorry.  But if it hasn't, you can go to work with a smile on your face!

And as usual, have a GREAT day at work today. Or, at the very least don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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  • My husband was out of work and one of my female "friends" got him a job where she worked. I warned him and after awhile he said, "Yeah. I'm getting that message." We all moved on.

  • In reply to virginiallorca:

    Oh no! A friend of yours tried to do this to you?! That's awful! Sorry to hear that. How fortunate that you have an honest husband who wouldn't take the bait. Kudos to him for being an upstanding guy, and kudos to you for moving on!

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