Does your office have too much holiday spirit?

Too much holiday spirit in the office?

Do you work in an office where they REALLY get into the holiday season? Are you being bombarded with holiday party invites and secret Santa lists? If you're like me you are.  Now, I'm no Grinch, but I really don't like it when I reach for my notepad and realize that I can't pick it up because the person standing on my desk hanging Christmas decorations has their foot on it.  Thanks for the dirty footprint fella! I don't mind the Christmas music, until it's so loud that I can't hear my clients on the phone. "Excuse me sir, but would mind repeating that for the 23rd time?" Also, I don't want to feel guilty about not spending EVERY weekend in the months of November and December with my co-workers at this one's party or that one's party. My weekends are for my family and friends and none of them work here!

Finally, last week, I decided that I had had enough! But I needed to figure out what the best way to approach the subject might be. I don't want to ruin anybody's fun, and the decorations turned out really nice! However, I still need to be able to do my job, right? So, I decided that it would be in my best interest to handle it this way.  When I'm on the phone, I just walk over to the stereo, point to the phone on my desk and turn it down. They understood what that meant. I threw away the rest of the notepad that had the footprints all over it and got a new one just to remove all the memories of aggravation. I accepted only one of the holiday invites and whenever someone invites me to another, I start to chat with them about the main company party we are all planning on attending to divert their attention. I didn't really think that would work, but so far so good! Now, the days go by much easier.  Sometimes I just sit and enjoy the decorations, pretend I can't hear my phone ringing and wait for the spiked eggnog tray to make it my way!

Have you had to deal with anything like this?? What did you do? Did it work??
Hopefully, if you find yourself in a similar situation, what I did or some form of it, will work for you too!

So have a GREAT day at work today, or, at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired, and/or arrested!


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