Could you work in a place like this?

Have you ever worked in a place where African Americans were called the “N” word and nothing was done about it? How about a place where a new employee was given a preferential work schedule that isn’t available for anyone else, even the senior employees, and allowed to speak to other employees in an abusive manner because they are friends with the business owner? A place where employees are forced to come to work sick with pink eye, strep throat, the flu and even during signs of a heart attack, because you’d lose your job if you didn’t come in? A work environment where one employee throws a knife at another employee because they are both having a sexual relationship with the same guy and nobody says or does anything about it.

You must be thinking that there is no way that all these things could be happening in the same place.  I was thinking that too as I listened to the stories from someone who works at this very establishment. Unfortunately, we are both wrong.  All these things actually occurred at the same company, plus a lot more that I did not mention.

After being told story after story of all the horrible things that my friend has endured over the years, I finally asked why?  Why do you continue to work there?  The answer was exactly what I expected.  “The money is really good” he said.  It’s sad to say, but I doubt that my friend is alone in this.  Other people, maybe even some of you, have worked in places like this because you had to feed your families. I think it’s worth mentioning that this place is a very well known, well established restaurant that you have more than likely visited?  So now, you must be remembering the part where I said employees are forced to work with strep throat, the flu and pink eye. Yikes!

So, I ask you, what amount of money would keep you working at a company like this?? I mean, everybody has their price, right? Could you in good conscience come to work to make and serve food to the public knowing you might be contagious to keep your job?  Or, would you be willing to stand up for yourself and risk being fired, knowing you most likely would not receive unemployment (they always fight it and win).

Every uncomfortable work environment is not a lost cause, but in my opinion, this one is! I’d tell them to take that job and go straight to hell with it! If you work at a place like this, I am truly sorry.  And, if you don’t, you can go to work today with a smile on your face!

So, have a great day at work today, or, at the very least, try not to do anything that’ll get you fired and/or arrested!


The Working Poor

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