2012 is almost over and I still work here! Damn!

2012 is almost over and I still work here! Damn!

I can't do this for another year!

As the end of 2012 comes closer, I am of course, reflecting on the year that's passed and the new year to come. Like most people who are miserable at work, I had hoped to have found a new job before 2013 showed up. Unfortunately, 2013 will be here in just a few days, and my work situation has not changed.  I am desperately trying to figure out how I can stand to do the same job at the same place, for another year. I decided that a list of new year resolutions focused on my work environment might be a good idea.

I decided that I should start by making a list of all the things that drive me nuts at work.  Half way through my list, at number 45, I realized that maybe I should try to hone in on the REALLY important things. Not just the little irritants, but the key things that could really improve my life at work if I could find a way to deal with them better. So, I threw the first list away and started again.  As I started my second list, I thought of all the things that have happened over the past year that made me want to throw hand grenades at my co-workers. Damn, now I'm angry all over again! Taking a break and waiting a little bit before my third try seemed like a good idea.

Now, after a glass of wine or 4, I'm ready to tackle this again. Instead of thinking about the actual incident, I tried to be honest about WHY what happened bothered me instead of just what happened. Then glass of wine number 5 showed up and I was writing feverishly. I was certain that I had finally figured this whole thing out.  I knew I was on my way to a happier healthier 2013 at work. After I finished my list, I was so pleased, I went right to bed to sleep oh so peacefully.  The next morning I woke up excited about reading all the great things I had come up with, I wanted to try them at work right away! Here's the list:

1. People are stupid and that's why they do stupid things. Ignore them!
2. I do this job so I can pay my bills, it has no more importance than that. Think about being able to pay my rent when things get tough!
3. He's just insecure, that's why he has to control everything. Try not to make him look dumb all the time and maybe he'll go away.
4. Yes, I've just said the exact same thing for the 30th time today. But now, I probably only have 50 more times to go!
5. People are stupid and that's why they do stupid things. Avoid them!

Maybe it's just me, but numbers 1 and 5 seem suspciously similar. This is not the list I expected to see when I awoke in the morning. I thought I had come up with a fool proof plan that was sure to help me at work. I'm not convinced that this list is it, but I'm not giving up hope. Maybe this will help.  Simple is good with the right circumstances. After reading it again though, I settled on idea that people do the best they can, it's just that their best isn't very good sometimes.  And, better to start the new year with the same job, instead of no job! I'm gonna go with that for now and I'll keep you posted on my progress.

So, have a GREAT day at work today, or at the very least, don't do anything that will get you fired and/or arrested!


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