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Fox News "Fair and Balanced"? Ha . . . PERHAPS when put up against The Wordshed!

** I am reposting a reply to a previous post I made in regards to Chris Matthews as it deviated into the media in general and Fox “News” in specific. ** The only thing “Fair and Balanced” about FOX “News” is their marketing effort to insist that they are fair and balanced. I see no... Read more »

Has Chris Matthews Jumped the Shark?

There was a time when I respected and looked to Chris Matthews (the Sunday ”Show” and “Hardball”) for decisive and insightful commentary — those days are gone.  Be it his seemingly strange draw (attraction?) to the right-wing, media-loving nutjob Sarah Palin or his collegial and respectful but still slightly condescending attitude toward Senator Bernie Sanders in my opinion, this once... Read more »