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The Consensus Opinion: Ryan Speech Full of Lies, Now It's Romney's Turn

In the words of Fox News’ Sally Kohn: Paul Ryan’s RNC speech “was an attempt to set the world record for blatant lies,” a Fox News opinion that joined in unusual comradery with the likes of the Huffington Post and ThinkProgress in their expose of Ryan after the fact-check process.  One can only ponder the whoppers set to come... Read more »

Socialism: a simple definition for the unaware or ill-informed

It is time. In as much as people are woefully ignorant to this concept (socialism) and are currently throwing around uneducated pieces of mythical misinformation like some sort of carnival barker at the county faire, I figure it was time for a refresher course by way of simple, straight-forward definition.  Then at least one may say... Read more »

The Source of "Mitt's" Secrets?

I can’t take credit for this one, just passing it along . . . a great read for those wondering why Willard “Mitt” Romney is having trouble with the truth including today’s most recent “untruth” by Ed Gillespie, Romney’s main advisor and surrogate: Searching For the Source of Mitt Romney’s Secrecy