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Ayn Rand; Leader of the Lollipop Guild

Enough already with Ayn Rand! Yes, we get it Paul Ryan and others like Illinois’ own Joe Walsh who have made mythical this wannabe (and in her day marginal) writer.  We get that you want to resurrect her longing for the feudal, aristocratic [Eurocentric] order from whence she was born into and the one I wrote about earlier... Read more »

Joe Walsh Bucks Republican Orthodoxy? Increased Federal Power or Simply Voter Supression?

Fascinating news today that fringe Republican Congressman Joe Walsh (IL 8th) last month actually argued in favor of national identification at a town hall event, bucking a long-standing Republican orthodoxy against national identification (including national drivers’ licensing). Is this simply a radical, election year shift from traditional Republican “state’s rights” rhetoric or is he simply seeking to codify current Republican attempts... Read more »