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2012: the year traditional conservatism died

  This is more than an American political campaign logo and slogan: it is the iconic representation of  the time America shed yet another layer of its divisive past; the time this massive North American continent went from its chrysalis of being the United States to embarking on its butterfly promise toward America and a more perfect union. Whether... Read more »

Dr. Jill Stein Takes Green Party Prezy Nod: now what?

Dr. Jill Stein, a Massachusetts internist who in 2002 was widely seen as besting Willard “Mitt” Romney in their one and only debate showdown before Romney went on to become Massachusetts’ Governor, on Saturday easily won the Green Party of the United States’ nomination for President of the United States. In so becoming the first... Read more »

Dr. Jill Stein, The ONLY Presidential Candidate to Address THE PEOPLE During NATO

Dr. Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party presidential candidate, will be the lone voice for the middle-class to address their concerns this weekend.  Notice as released . . .

How Living In A Red State Turned Me . . . Green?

This will be a fun essay, one born of pure experience and personal observation.  Before I begin I must offer a disclaimer that this essay is only for those possessing a decent education in that I will be reflecting on my transformation from a moderate Democrat who supported Obama in 2008 to a Green Socialist... Read more »

Obama (center), Romney (right) . . . and Now Dr. Jill Stein (for "the rest") . . . ?

Dr. Jill Stein, presumptive presidential nominee for the Green Party of America 2012, has today announced on her website that she has accepted Willard “Mitt” Romney’s offer for a “rematch” debate.  The two last met in debate during the 2002 Massachussetts Gubenatorial campaign where many pundits found her besting the eventual election winner.

A Thought for the Green Party

The Illinois Greens just finished their convention.  A lingering question came up about why the “Green Party” is doing better in say New Zealand and Germany.  I thought that I would share this thought: In my opinion, parties/organizations on “the left” have had an easier time in Europe and Eurocentric countries because they never made... Read more »