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Romney Disses Troops: essentially says talk of soldiers is "unimportant"?

While trying to spin his way out of his major convention omission (his failure to mention either war of recent vintage and the troops that have fought those wars, yet another Romney gaffe), Romney doubles down on his bravado about his proposal to spend over and above what the Pentagon has projected its needs will be. Romney... Read more »

Jim Gaffigan vs. Romney "Gaffes Again" . . . Which One Is the Better Comic?

Jim . . . or . . .
A little Monday levity . . . sorry Jim.

Romney Brit Blunders Know No End . . .

So, after insulting the London 2012 Organizing Committee pondering on their preparation for the 2012 Summer Games which drew a response from Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron who responded by alluding to Romney’s late-in-the-games managing the small Salt Lake 2002 Winter Games as games that were “in the middle of nowhere” as opposed to arguably the world’s most vibrant city,... Read more »

Romney Gaffes AGAIN (no I am not reposting day-after-day!)

I am having a hard time today even thinking about the incompetence of this man, and all while he is overseas trying to shore up his international bonafides. He is truly bordering on the pathetic.  Read the Salon article for yourselves . . .  if you DARE.