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How Romney-Ryan-Walker May Be Creating . . . Obama Republicans?

Gone are the days when the Republican Party might hope to win over a few conservative Democrats in the manner that Ronald Reagan was said to have in 1980 and 1984.  The Republican’s now need to be more concerned about an exodus of moderate Republicans to an increasingly perceived moderate, 3rd-way and centrist Democratic Party. In... Read more »

Their "Liberty," Our "Tyranny"

In the current wave of rhetorical bumper-sticker jargon and esoteric jibber-jabber, perhaps no concept reigns supreme over the hyperbolic as much as the mythical attachment to the notions of “liberty” and “freedom” and the delusion that there is but one definition for each term.  Both ideals as employed in much contemporary usage are offered up... Read more »

Romney/Ryan "Austerity": A Blueprint to Compete With the Developing World

The news out of Europe yesterday vis-a-vis “austerity” or the reduction in governmental spending should send shivers down the spines of America’s middle and lower classes.  In the Netherlands, there has been a call for early elections and in the United Kingdom riots erupted as Britain posted its second straight quarter of negative growth, denoting a double-dip... Read more »