PA Voter Law Invalidates More Than Voters: it invalidates Romney

Before one vote is cast in the 2012 Election, Pennsylvania may have made any Romney victory "invalid".

In his own words, the Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai admitted to the operative effort and his hope (belief) that suppressing the vote "will deliver Pennsylvania to Romney" and in so stating makes Pennsylvania's vote look like something out of third-world despotism.

In so admitting and with Wednesday's Pennsylvania lower court decision upholding such suppression, both parties have also made any potential Romney victory a fraudulent one and will subject Romney to an "unrecognized presidency" by most of America should Romney achieve any "victory" in November as Romney will likely garner far fewer votes than Obama in 2008 (as many citizens' votes in 2012 will have been suppressed in a Jim Crow-like fashion) and in percentages, will likely get at most a simple 51%.

In other words: a Romney presidency will have about as much validity as that of a third world strongman.

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