Romney Brit Blunders Know No End . . .

So, after insulting the London 2012 Organizing Committee pondering on their preparation for the 2012 Summer Games which drew a response from Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron who responded by alluding to Romney's late-in-the-games managing the small Salt Lake 2002 Winter Games as games that were "in the middle of nowhere" as opposed to arguably the world's most vibrant city, Romney steam-rolled along forgetting the opposition leader's name and then publicly mentioning Britain's ultra secret MI6.

Earlier today I wondered if he was becoming pathetic.  WE all now have our answer.  Even ultra right-wing Fox "News" pundit Charles Krauthammer was left speechless at the scope of Romney's incompetence!

Repubs, for the sake of your party (and AMERICA's reputation) . . . you need a new candidate!


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  • Unfortunately in Romney, the USA is witnessing the ultimate fulfillment of the American dream: the right to "buy" your future irregardless of your fitness for the job. Money talks and is the only currency that many corporations and independently wealthy individuals understand. The days of integrity and community service are long gone. As native-Canadian, Buffy Ste Marie, has said, " When one person has a billion and a billion have nothing, there is something wrong."

  • In reply to Denny48:

    Thank you for posting. Well said, and why the burgeoning heirs to the country need to prepare to change this paradigm.

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