Norwegian Socialists "Buying Up America" With THEIR Surpluses!

A killer article in Daily Finance on Norway and its implementation of the successful, user-friendly, modern "Nordic model" of Socialism . . . and how they, as much as anyone else, are "buying America".

. . . and guess what?  For those who think that the riches of the few are the measure of the "vibrancy" of a society -- Socialist Norway has millionaires too as does Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland!  And all this while being able to afford a solid, patriotic social safety-net for their citizenry.

The above referenced article: a must read for Representative Paul Ryan, House Republicans, "conservatives" of any stripe (and beyond) I would think, as well as any other propagandists who try to equate "socialism" with the "crony" practitioners in Greece or Spain, nations who have not followed the Nordic Model!  Funny how you guys never mention the successful Nordic Socialists!

Humm . . . trying to preserve elite privilege and dupe the American middle-class in an era of socio-cultural-economic demographic shift me thinks . . .

New York Times article from discussing similar topic.

** Disclosure ** Wordshed author is 1/2 Norwegian!

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