Jobs, Jobs, Jobs GOP: more like knobs, knobs, knobs

In yet another example of its historic deficit growing abilities, the GOP led House today (championed by Affordable Care Act pioneer and presumptive GOP presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney) again wasted tax payer dollars in voting (for the 33rd time and to the tune of an estimated $50 million!) on repealing an act passed and sanctified by the Supreme Court: the Affordable Care Act.  An effort they know is for partisan grandstanding only.

Again I must ask you GOP:

When you show utter disdain for your fellow citizens' health and well-being (you know, the ability to pursue liberty and happiness through having a life), when you make mockery of founding documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the "promoting of the general welfare" and other progressive ideals within . . . really, what kind of allegiance do you expect your nation to pledge when you clearly show aforementioned and feudal contempt for this nation's "commoners" --  as a Romney supporter  was quoted  saying the other day in the Hamptons?

Oh yeah . . . and where ARE those jobs by the way?  The Bush-era tax cut recipient "job creators" have been nowhere to be seen.

Get back to us on this will you . . . if you have the time!

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