In Rev. Wright, Does Romney Camp Open HIS Religion as an Issue?

In recent days, a disturbing resurrection in the topic of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has occurred by the likes of firebrand Sean Hannity, the right-wing web-based "News Max," and others.  Now comes word that one of Romney's "Super PAC" allies, the Ending Spending Action Fund led by the Chicago Cubs' Joe Ricketts, may use the same line of attack.  Is this wise and does it then open the door for increased scrutiny of Mormonism in general and the Romney family's history before, during, and after their time establishing a polygamous colony in Mexico?

In the previous blog, "Renounce and Repudiate," we noted Mormonism's troubled history and rhetoric with persons "of color".  Additionally, we noted the following about Reverend Wright:

"For fear of insulting the reader, I won't even attempt to cite the numerous times Republican candidates and operatives sought to inject "Reverend Jeremiah Wright " into a conversation or how many times Fox "News" played videos of his "damning" of America (never noting his meritorious service record in the US Marines and Navy) as any casual observer of "news" is well aware of such media.  It would have been nice, respectful, and most importantly intellectually and spiritually honest to acknowledge such service; to revere it and then to go the extra mile no matter how "repugnant" to one's sensibilities the rhetoric of  Rev. Wright: to try and empathize how a decorated African-American veteran might feel in seeing "his" people subjected to state sponsored terrorism before, during, and after his service to the same country.  Yes, when one is subjected to the terror often perpetrated by, with the approval of, or general disinterest by operatives of the state it is state sponsored terrorism."

Given this reality about Wright's service to the country, a suspicious Mormon history vis-a-vis the place of women and their well documented issues with "race," and the general "war on women" currently underway by the Republican Party is this really an area that "Romney's Super Pacs" (and Hannity) really want to tread?  It doesn't seem like a winner in addressing middle-class and independent concerns -- but that is just me.  Stay tuned . . .

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