Limbaugh, Ryan and the Republicans: what, then, is their case for allegiance?

I really would like to know what kind of “allegiance“ Republicans think the average person should pledge to the country in which they envision? A country so callous that it doesn’t concern itself with the health and welfare of its citizens, wants to erode the social safety net, degrade environmental protection and otherwise realize their Ayn Randian dystopia; reducing to a crass economic calculus many (all?) of the things that make life worth living  . . . including life itself.   Someone should really remind them that absolute fealty to the crown and its ring was replaced with a communal patriotism borne from a shared, common set of sensibilities and aspirations and that our lives are more than a means to their affluent (and growth thereof) ends.

If “their” country doesn’t care about us and ours, should we really care about and then pledge allegiance to them and theirs?


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  • Amen. And welcome aboard my left-of-center friend!

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    Merci! Thanks for reading! ;)

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