Fox News "Fair and Balanced"? Ha . . . PERHAPS when put up against The Wordshed!

** I am reposting a reply to a previous post I made in regards to Chris Matthews as it deviated into the media in general and Fox "News" in specific. **

The only thing "Fair and Balanced" about FOX "News" is their marketing effort to insist that they are fair and balanced. I see no Joe Scarborough equivalent on their channel, and when they might have a "Democratic" leaning pundit s/he are simply "set up" people for O'Reilly, Hannity, Ingraham et al's pontificating agenda/propaganda -- Roger Ailes/Rupert Murdoch would never let a genuine "leftist" program exist for the three hours daily Scarborough gets as a self-described "conservative" on MSNBC. It would be nice to see FOX match MSNBC in actual fairness and balance.

National "journalism" is a lost art now seemingly practiced by those (generally under 40) who don't want to rock the boat lest they not get invited to the better parties in Washington -- who is today's Woodward or Bernstein, or Walter Cronkite for example? Cable "news is, as suggested, cablecast "professional wrestling" though when "fact checked," MSNBC's line-up is far more accurate than Fox . . . all while being equally partisan (my point here was that MSNBC is “forced” to offer far fewer on air retractions than Fox. Perhaps this is because Fox relies more on the “lowest” of the low information viewers of all cable “news” consumers, per Fairleigh Dickinson poll of 21 November, 2011 and can better get away with misinformation and, again, sheer propaganda.)

I would debate that the "left's" views are even heard (outside of the occasional guest interview from Senator Bernie Sanders, a fellow member of the DSA) though the right tries to posit the Democrats as left -- which from a policy point of view clearly is incorrect. Political Scientists would call many of the Democrats "third way" centrists. The voices of the center (the Democrats) and the right (the Republican's as most if not all Republican moderates have been purged) are represented in abundance!  I will concede, however, that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show does offer the closest perspective to genuine "left" in the mainstream media.

Don't believe me? Ask a real "leftist" what they think of the Democratic Party and/or most Democrats. That is what I aspire to remedy in The Wordshed. :)

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