About Women of Whiskey

Women of Whiskey Chicago is a Chapter of Women of Whiskey with main chapters in San Fransisco and Santa Rosa, California.

Women of Whiskey (WOW) is designed exclusively for educational and networking purposes.  WOW will strive to preserve the heritage that surrounds the making and responsible enjoyment of all whiskies. WOW will strive to include but is not limited to:

  • To promote and understand the history and heritage of whiskey, educating women on whiskey portfolios.
  • To create educational opportunities surrounding the culture and lifestyle of whiskey.
  • To publish information regarding whiskey  products an destinations, speaking to this exclusive female market.
  • To partner with whiskey brands in the industry to enrich the economic impact and the catalyst in engaging the female market.

WOW is for those women who are confident, sophisticated, adventurous, independent, free spirited, know what they want, and know what they like!

Some events we are planning in addition to monthly meetings and tastings are:

  • Distillery tours
  • Whiskey dinners
  • Food and Whiskey pairings
  • Creative ways to cook with whiskey
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