Whiskey Sister Reunion with Pappy Van Winkle

A few weekends ago, I finally got together with my best friend from high school, my maid of honor at my shotgun wedding.  I have not seen this woman in close to twenty years and we have not skipped a beat.  Back in the day we were good for cheap drinks and lots of shenanigans. Over the years, our palates have become more refined. We have both developed an affinity for good beers, bourbon and whiskey in general.   We both discovered the beauty of bourbon around the same time a few years ago in Kentucky.  It was my pleasure to take my dear friend to one of my favorite places to have a taste, Lady Gregory's.  I love Lady's because you can have craft beer, amazing grilled cheese and a taste of just about anything.  This time I chose my own flight.  I had: Wild Turkey Single Barrel, Weller 12 year, Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel and Hudson Baby.  I mixed it up, that's what I love about this whiskey bar.  I can taste a $3 Wild Turkey next to a $13 Hudson Baby and see what I really enjoy more.  Whiskey is about enjoying the experience.

Over dinner, Megan told me about her idea for a documentary about the elusive Pappy Van Winkle.  She said she loves how all these people mention where to get it and it is never there when she asks.  The Search for Pappy Van Winkle.  I would love to be a part of this documentary. I love documentaries, road trips and whiskey!  Alas, I took her over to the famous, Delilah's and there we found Pappy. The End.   I think it would still be fun to do a documentary of whiskey bars across the nation.

In the meantime, we will be sampling what the great city of Chicago has to offer.  Join myself and some whiskey sisters for an upcoming tasting.  We are pairing whiskey with chocolate and the Wizard of Whiskey on February 13 at Evolution Wines and Spirits in Lakeview at 6:30 to celebrate our love of whiskey and chocolate of course. No sweethearts needed.  Cheap date only $25.You can register for upcoming events at the Whiskey Sister website.

See you here next whiskey Wednesday with more whiskey adventures.




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